Software for 8800 Series Systems

The FastTrack 2 software suite consists of a number of application programs designed to address common fatigue and static testing requirements on servo-hydraulic systems.

The suite includes general purpose fatigue , complex cyclic and fracture toughness applications as well as static and LabView user-programmability options.

Please also refer to WaveMatrix and LCF3 software for 8800 Series systems

Principle Of Operation

Each program in the suite is designed to offer depth of functionality whilst retaining ease of use. FastTrack 2 runs under FastTrack Console, the software interface of 8800 electronics or alongside the FastTrack Operator Panel. Easy to follow windows simplify the set-up and running of the test.

Please contact Instron for the minimum PC requirements necessary to install and operate this software.

Application Range

  • General purpose fatigue 
  • Advanced fatigue 
  • Multi-axis fatigue 
  • LabView drivers for user- programmability 
  • Da/Dn Fracture Toughness 
  • J-integral 
  • Random 
  • Block testing 
  • Bluehill for Static testing